Sunday, March 2, 2008

ET — just needed a mobile

This weekend was the regular trying to keep track of where everyone needed to be which relied on people answering their mobiles. Is there anything more annoying than getting a message bank when you need to find someone ASAP?
Sunday was spent learning 30 muscles from the human body and the body systems (ie digestive, endocrine, lymphatic etc.). No, not studying medicine but helping with Year 10 Phys Ed. Of course the TV was on at the same time — and ET's body was having his own system checked out by the nasty 'government' doctors before he managed to escape and return home. All ET wanted to do was Phone Home. Things would have been much simpler if he could have texted to say 'time to come get me Mum' but I suspect the Mother Ship might have missed the call anyway.
These were the missed your call excuses used this weekend:
— Sorry, my battery's flat.
— Couldn't hear you because the music was too loud.
— Oh, I wondered who that message was from.
— I texted you back — didn't you get it?
I wonder what the real story was?

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