Tuesday, November 11, 2008

High School Musical 3

Is it the stars?
Is it the music?
Is it the hype?
Will someone please explain...


limeywesty said...

it's the glitter... it's always the glitter.
and the fact that Zac Efron can still flip his hair.
either that or that he publically humiliated himself singing 'bet on it' last time.

Adele said...

I actually sat through this thinking that I enjoyed all musicals...they proved to me that this theory isn't correct. It's possible to detest a musical.

I disagree with Limeywesty though - I thought the Gabriella chick was absolutely horrid. Though I don't find Zac cute at all, I think he was probably the most emotive actor of the bunch (but that's not saying much at all).