Friday, July 22, 2011

What are they teaching kids at school?

It's great that I learned about the Aztecs and the Elizabethans and alluvial soil
and the square root of things when I was at school,
but what would really have been handy would be
to have learned about:

How to read my superannuation statement
Understanding the stock market
Investment strategies
How to build a house
How to fix a car
Or make a dry stone fence
Or weave a rug
Or make furniture

and I could have learned about that other fairly interesting
but totally useless for real life stuff in my spare time.

Or not.


Sue Lawson said...

I'd wish they'd taught me how to find that thing I put away carefully so I wouldn't lose it, to reverse in a straight line, to sew in a straight line, to recognise a straight line (there's a theme here!), to fill out forms, to stick to one task rather than multiskill and to say no to that Mars Bar cake!

karen tayleur said...

What is that line theme you have going?