Thursday, February 28, 2008

Desperately Seeking Motive

Lili Wilkinson has launched me into the blogosphere — bless her. Hello world.
I don't watch too much TV but I find myself strangely addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Though I do have to ask — what is the deal with George? Believing that George has two women lusting after him is just not working for me. Don't get me wrong — he seems a nice guy. But really...
I thought this blogspot might be about writing and reading and anything that touches on these two subjects. But the George story line in Grey's seems to be preying on my mind. I guess it falls within the realms of 'screenwriting' or 'plot'?


limeywesty said...

And welcome to the online world of rambling and procrastination.
Oh, and I really loved Chasing Boys, Lili got me onto it, but that's beside the point.
Emily xo

karen tayleur said...

Hi Emily, just what I need - more procrastination! I'm glad you like Chasing Boys - I have used some elements from the front cover in my blogger header because I thought the designer did such a good job. Are you a GA fan or part of Lili's lit group? or both? or neither?