Friday, February 29, 2008

so what's your story?

'What's your story Dad?'
'It's called a television, son.'

Is this just an Australian saying? I guess what we're really asking is, 'What's going on with you?', or 'What's going on here?' Everyone has a story. That's what makes people so interesting. As a teenager I would find myself edging away when my mother started up a conversation with a complete stranger. We could be anywhere. Standing in line at the supermarket or waiting in a lift or filling up at the petrol station. I was always surprised when people talked back to her. I now find myself doing the same thing. It's amazing what people will tell you — complete strangers — in such a short space of time. Maybe they are confident in the fact that you will never meet again? Or maybe they just needed to tell someone and you were there. Either way, so what's your story? When I'm at an event or party I love asking that question. I just have to be prepared to reciprocate.

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