Sunday, May 1, 2011

Come first of May

Day One
May Gibbs Fellowship
First pic - an 'are we there yet?' moment, I finally reach Border Town, so take a photo to prove it. I was met by the lovely Sally Chance (fantastic name) at the end of the freeway. Sally took me to the Burrow, helped me unload my things, and left me with dinner and breakfast and a chance to settle in. I quickly set up shop with Masterchef as a backdrop and a call to home to see if they are missing me incredibly. They didn't say so but, hey, I can read between the lines.

Second pic - I've set up a pinboard with my Leunig calendar and May Gibbs card from Bernie, Andrew and Ella. May's calendar message is 'Have Your Say - Make a Comment'. Rather apt I thought. That's exactly what I'm here to do.

Have read through the Fellows Journal and Folio and feeling I have some big shoes to fill.


Barbara said...

Masterchef? Aren't you supposed to be freezing in a garrett or something? Looking forward to reading about your month.

karen tayleur said...

I was very happy to get here in time to watch MC - a little bit addicted. It's a very comfortable garrett!! The bedroom is twice the size of mine at home.

Sue Lawson said...

Hey you, hope your trip was okay. Are you organised enough??? Have fun, and hope the day is as gorgeous as it is here at the moment.